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Naruto has ended but is far from over.. SPOILERS!

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 1, 2015, 4:50 AM

For commission inquiries and price quotes, pleased contact me at:

As mentioned before I WON'T be accepting new plush commission until I've completed the whole current list. It would put too much pressure on me as my work load is already huge.


 photo journal_doll_commission___hinode_by_leokatana-d6ci8hk_zpsc3a4118c.gif

As someone who has been following the Naruto manga and series from the beginning (before it even became really popular *cough dub*) 'till the end I have never really stated my opinion about the end (aka chapter 700th) have I? Well, it's a little too late for a full descriptive ramble from me seeing as the manga ended some months ago already. So I'm not gonna do that. 

All I can say is, I liked the ending, unlike many Naruto fans or even ex-fans lol. I thought the final chapter was fitting and it brought out some nostalgic feelings. Everybody got a happy ending (except for Neji..sorry Neji. I never really liked you as a character but you deserved better..) and the world is at peace (well, as far as the Five Great nations go that is) , something Naruto strived for and his long sincer passed away sensei Jiraiya wished for. 

So it's over now? NOPE! First of all, there's the LAST Movie that everyone is pretty much aware of by now. I haven't seen it yet and hope it will be subbed or released as a RAW online soon. I highly doubt it will excell Road to Ninja though. 
Now it seems there will be ANOTHER movie coming out later this year. I've only read snippets but it will focus on the next generation, aka the main character's kids. 

To add to that, Jump J books will also publish several light novels these coming months with side-stories featuring some of the most popular characters of Naruto. The stories will take place somewhere between 699 and 700. A new 'Hiden' (ultimate secrets) novel will be published every month. More information can be read about it here:…

I'm very excited for these novels! They may not be illustrated like manga but I read a shizz load of fanfiction so I don't mind XD These books will basically be canon fanfiction ha! 
Although I want to read each of them I'm mostly interested in Gaara's story of love of course XD Of all people he gets that genre! Something tell me and knowing Gaara it will be more about platonic love for his village, siblings, life, nephew etc. I just don't see an emotionally broken, sociapath and ex-psychopath like him ending up in a romantic relationship just like that. Unless Matsuri, who's probably the only female he spends personal time with that isn't related, decides to up her game after being sick of not getting noticed by a clueless Kazekage. 
And maybe we will finally get to know when Gaara decided to start looking like a dictator XD 

There's also no doubt Pierrot will take the opportunity to animate these novels sometime in the future. I'm sure of it.


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Moniek Zeilstra
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Hi all!
My name is Moniek Zeilstra, a 25 year old hobbyist. I graduated for my paraveterinary education because I absolutely LOVE animals! I live in a small village in the Netherlands (Holland), located in Europe.

My passion is making stuffed animals, realistic or cartoony. I mostly create fursonas, realistic animals and mythical creatures but will try to do anything that fits my style though. I've been doing commissions for people many years now and don't plan on quitting with that anytime soon.
My goal is to make detailed, high quality crafts for an affordable fee!

Beside sewing I also draw and sculpt at times. Basically I'm one for trying out things so more activities will probably added in the near future c:

Next to creativity I also enjoy anime/manga and japanese culture a lot and go to conventions in cosplay occasionally.

Thank you for taking a look at my gallery! And always feel free to follow my work :D


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Sweetcat1129 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Well my friends on the bus got me into Naruto and im addicted...:3
MattsyKun Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2015  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Just wanted to let you know that my lovely blossom kitsune arrived safe and sound!

UFHG I LOVE HER. She's hereby assimilated into my family of foxes :D

I'm gonna make her a tiny cherry blossom bandana, kinda like what the Inari fox statues in Japan wear. UGH SO CUTE I CAN'T STAND IT
ShadeChaoMKII Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2015
So I'm wondering, with your new policy on existing characters, what's your policy on customs (characters with accessories, or alternate designs/parts, etc.), since they're essentially "half-OC"? Y'know, like how some people want Pokemon with scarves and hats and things.

(Totally not trying to find a loophole or anything. ;) )
goiku Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2015  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
The main reason I go by this policy as of now is to try and reduce the quantity of repetitive orders. This also includes  slight alterations of an existing character. For instance, someone asked me if I could make an Amaterasu plush with blue markings instead of red. This is pretty much the same thing so I can't accept it.

Making a Pokemon plush with a cloth piece of other accessory would still require me to make that same pokemon plush so unfortunately this also falls under this policy.
ShadeChaoMKII Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2015
Eh, that's understandable. It's just that I came up with a lot of ideas and reference material that I'd rather not go to waste. I could send it to you if you don't mind having a look.
Super-Sonic-101 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2015   General Artist
Happy Birthday! ^.^
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